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Brief History

  » 1991 – two person business partnership formed for shoe repairs and bespoke footwear production
  » 1997 – contracts with health insurance companies established for the production of orthotic shoes
  » 2003 – expert witness services launched
  » 2007 – beginnings of the ORTHO application
  » 2008 – ORTHO is a registered trademark for orthotic footwear, orthotics, and ORTHO software


Our aim is to provide customers with footwear which allows for maximum comfort and style while respecting best industry practices in the production and design of the shoes. With our custom-made shoes, we strive not to compromise on the technology of production and materials used in the process.


Our vision represents a set of concepts we attempt to achieve in the following areas:

  » customers... provide inspiration and nurture repeat business,
  » products... original and deliver on customer desires and needs,
  » services... evergrowing while providing solid ground for further development,
  » partners... help maximize our return as part of mutually beneficial partnerships.


We believe the following have become fundamental and substantial for us to be fair and real:

  » quality,
  » commitment and determination,
  » innovation.