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Custom-Made and Bespoke Shoes

This area covers a wide range of footwear. It may sometimes be referred to as hand made shoes and it can simply be any type of shoes our customer may like to desire:

  » ladies or gents, fashion shoes, stylish, or luxury shoes,
  » shoes requiring a specific production technology, e.g. good-year welted, stitched-down, pegged or Blake construction.

The customer can provide a picture or description or show a sample shoe upon which either of the two basic approaches is followed:

i) measurements are taken and the custom-made pair of shoes is manufactured using generic or slightly modified lasts.

ii) prior to the production of the bespoke pair of shoes, individual shoe lasts are made. Subsequently, these customer specific lasts are used to product the pair. The lasts can be then stored with us or customer for further use.

If you are interested to have a pair of bespoke shoes, do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with more information.

For traditional bespoke shoes, we have a separate website of Scarpatini shoes.